RULES 2019

V Muestra de Cortometrajes de La Cuna

1. Short Films: Short films of all nationalities and any kind of gender (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc) can be submitted . The short films shouldn't last no more than 30 minutes and they have been produced since January 2016. If the language it's not spanish, it will include subtitles.

2. Deadline and platforms: The date of registration of short films will be on October 1st and will end on November 30th, 2019. Registration will take place across the platforms and Works sent by any other means will not be accepted.

3. Selection: A selection committee will be responsible for choosing the films that will participate in the projections. Those selected will have to send a copy in .mp4 or .mov format, via digital download platforms.

4. Awards: Is established the Audience Award for Best Short Film, with a prize of a sport camera and a diploma.

5. Exhibition rights: The selected short films transferred their exhibition rights only to the days of contest projection.

6. Exhibition date: December 15th, 2019.

7. Acceptance of rules: Registration of the short films implies acceptance of these rules.


TeterĂ­a La Cuna (Elche)